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    Troubles opening attached file.

      When I have a mail with an attached file I can't open it, I must save as and then open.

      When I try to open the attached file directly I have an error: Document not found.

      For example If I have received a mail with an attached PDF FIle, I open ... The acrobat reader try to open but they says that "Document not Found".
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          Hi there.

          I think you're bumping into an IE caching bug that's documented in our release notes:

          The posted workaround for IE is in the OCS security guide:

          Please note that this has security ramifications, read the documentation carefully.

          Note the following errata (I believe that this has since been corrected):
          - In the OCS security guide, the path to the configuration file may be incorrect,
          it should be:


          - Once the configuration file modification is complete, make sure you restart OHS:

          $ORACLE_HOME/opmn/bin/opmnctl restartproc ias-component=HTTP_Server

          - In the config file, the section to modify mentions 'inline attachments'. This refers
          to the fact that they are opening in the same browser window. It does not mean
          attachments that are automatically previewed in the e-mail body.

          This should fix your problem, please post a reply if it's not fixed.

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            I had the same problem when open attachments and I have done all that the documentation referes and works fine.