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    Whither OL 6?


      I know that OL 7 is now the 'latest and greatest', but I was twice surprised when I went to edelivery to capture some screen shots for a doc I'm working on.

      First surprise was the new edelivery site itself.

      Second surprise was that after entering the search for 'oracle linux' and 'x86-64', the only offering returned was a single update of OL7.  Nothing at all on OL6 or 5.  I can understand the withdrawal of the availability of 5, but withdrawing 6 at this point seems a bit premature.


      Did I miss something?

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          I noticed the new e-delivery cloud interface yesterday and was shocked too. I think the new site has a lot left to be desired and is perhaps a step backward from the previous, which was less linear, more intuitive and did not require to read small prints in order to find critical or important information, such as obtaining the download checksum.


          I suspect that more people are going to download the whole Oracle Linux distribution (10 GB), which is now selected by default, including the source images, which are useless for the installation and provided only for GPL licensing purpose.


          Anyway, trying to answer your question, you can select a previous version if you click on the Select Alternate Release link below the product. It should provide a pop-up window, which browsers normally block by default ( !?), but it will show you a menu to select another version.


          Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 4.12.40 PM.jpg


          Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 4.05.33 PM.jpg



          If you prefer the old web site, it is still there, at least for now. Do you see the blue Oracle Software Delivery Cloud ribbon? There is a click "here" link which points to the old web site: https://edelivery.oracle.com/old



          Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 4.11.50 PM.jpg

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            And btw, https://linux.oracle.com has changed too.


            There used to be a an alternative link to download the Linux ISO images. I typically always run into trouble with the e-delivery website that my export verification expired and then have to wait a couple of days before the download works.


            The link used to be:


            https://wikis.oracle.com/display/oraclelinux/Downloading+Oracle+Linux, which now opens https://community.oracle.com/welcome instead. (!?). I guess the Oracle Linux support team may be aware of the problem, if not, perhaps Avi Miller-Oracle.


            The new link is Downloading Oracle Linux, which is also shown in the permalink section of the Oracle Linux forum overview.

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              I did see the 'alternate selection' link, but when I clicked it, it just repopulated the fields with version 7.  I failed to notice that it changed the field to a drop-list and I had to click the 'down arrow' to get the full list to open.


              I also had noticed the link for the 'classic' version of edelivery, but going there produced prominent warnings that it would soon be de-commissioned.  So for my purposes, that really wasn't terribly useful.  I already have the software so wasn't in need of actually downloading.  Rather, I am working on some internal documentation on creating a vm lab around VBox, and wanted to get some screen shots.


              I agree with your assessment of the navigation of the new site.

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                For Virtualbox I'd rather use OL 6 than 7. It will give you more database installation options. There are number of problems with OL 7 in Virtualbox. For example, login delays and other performance issues. However, I'm using VirtualBox 4.3 under Mac OSX and your experience under MS Windows might be different, e.g. other problems .

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                  Dude! wrote:


                  For Virtualbox I'd rather use OL 6 than 7.

                  Exactly why I was wondering what happened to OL 6 on edelivery.



                  It will give you more database installation options. There are number of problems with OL 7 in Virtualbox. For example, login delays and other performance issues.

                  Hmm.  Funny you should mention that.  I'm still having an issue I posted some time back ..

                  "task blocked" issue in linux guest

                  task blocked for more than 120 seconds



                  Though diving into that is off-topic for this thread.  I only mention it as an interesting aside to your comment.

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                    Robert Chase

                    Thank you for the valuable feedback on the new interface.  I'm a member of the Oracle Linux Product Management team.  I will be forwarding this feedback to some people internally.