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    How sophisticated is your campaign attribution model?


      I work for an organization that has, in most instances, a fairly complex sales cycle. The persona's that encompass our "Sphere of influence" on an opportunity vary between seven different functions within an organization. Many times we are nurturing multiple leads, and receiving multiple campaign responses, within our prospect accounts. For this reason it is important for us to be able to associate multiple contacts (and their multiple campaign responses) with an opportunity in SFDC. This allows us to identify Buyer roles (Champion, influencer, decision maker) and measure how our campaigns are influencing revenue.


      From what I understand (and please correct me if i'm wrong here) but CLR in Eloqua only allows one contact to be associated with an opportunity. To me, this seems like it wouldn't be a very accurate representation of marketing influence on an opportunity.


      So my question is: How are others attributing value to their campaigns? Are you using the out-of-the-box CLR functionality with success? Are you managing the attribution directly from your CRM? Am I over complicating how I would like to handle this with multiple contacts and multiple campaign responses?


      I appreciate any insight others can share!


      - Scott

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          Scott - there's a related conversation you might find interesting gong on here: What is your company's definition of marketing influenced, and how do you measure it?

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            Hi sgaydos  Revenue Attribution for CLR in Eloqua can actually be configured 3 different ways.


            1. To the primary contact on the opportunity

            2. To ALL contacts on the opportunity

            3. To ALL contacts associated to the Account on the Opportunity (assuming you have proper account -> contact relationship setup in Eloqua)

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              I 'm jumping on this thread because I am having trouble locating a separate one. (you have probably provided feedback on this in the past).


              I am back to looking in on how to best go about capturing multiple CIDs and passing that information to SFDC without the use of the briefcase step in the CRM program.  For example,

              if someone comes in and fills out a form, it passes the CID and member status through Eloqua into SFDC, and they end up in the campaign as a member.

              However, if the confirmation page to that form submit offers them another gated asset, and they fill out that form which passes to a separate campaign ID (because it may be for routing purposes to a different sales team), how can I make sure we capture both CIDs without it overwriting the first one before it gets to SFDC.


              I am currently using integration rules in the form, so existing contacts and leads is really not the issue. New "leads" are the issue.


              any ideas?




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                Hi Jeff,


                Sorry just saw this - how are you currently storing the CID?  Is it the old-school "Last SFDC Campaign ID" field?




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                  Hi LK,

                  Yes, we are using the SFDC Last Campaign ID to store ID, and SFDC Last Campaign Status to store status. we got rid of the "briefcase" step in our CRM program because it was resulting in faulty form submit data coming into SFDC and going to sales for campaigns that were sometimes 3 yrs old. so, now we are trying to build our own workaround. I've gotten a few ideas from others, but wanted to reach out to inquire for more before we start building something out.



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                    Hi Jeff,


                    hmm that's an issue I haven't heard of with the briefcase but anything is possible these days


                    depending on how many campaigns you're trying to manage responses to you might want to check out a tool like FullCircle CRM, in a past life we implemented and used the tool, it allows very complex attribution as well as campaign response management in a SFDC/Eloqua integration that goes far beyond what you can get out of the box or even try to build yourself.  my only comment on that is that when i was using it (almost 3 years ago now) it was a little complicated to administer so post-implementation it felt like you needed someone partially dedicated to managing it.  it's evolved a bit since i used it but it definitely was a tool i found interesting and very robust.


                    if you don't have budget for external tools you may want to think about setting up manual campaign integration steps on your form processing steps so that you can get those integration events firing immediately, that way they can queue up and subsequent visits/campaign responses can just stack up in the queue behind them. the integration queue should be able to store multiple campaign responses but if you're using closed loop reporting and are getting multiple responses for a single campaign (the easiest example i can think of is a webinar, maybe a registration and then attendance in the same day) your response rule prioritization would inhibit the lower priority response from synching through to sfdc.  hopefully the prioritization of your responses is a minor issue since ideally the higher priority response is what would matter since it would all be responses to the same campaign. 


                    i have some ideas on possibly using CDOs to store campaign history but the only way i can think of to synch it over uses that briefcase step so it's not quite what you're looking for.  i don't know if you've seen this but there's also an interesting thread on a cloud app for creating campaign membership in SFDC Re: Anyone using the Salesforce Campaign Association cloud connector? that might also be a possible avenue.




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                      thanks. I will check out that thread and app.  I don't think I can muster up the resources to fully administer another 3rd party tool to help.

                      I did consider building out the processing of steps on the form.

                      It would be nice if I could just add SFDC LeadID as a hidden (populated) field on the form.  then the processing steps could be conditional to say:

                      SFDC LeadID exactly (form field) SFDC LeadID....this would push them to a newer CRM program that goes straight into creating the Lead, followed by CRM campaign association. (instead of all the decision rules asking if they are an existing contact/lead, etc...before it actually creates the lead. I like to think of it as an Autobahn....i want as many contacts going as fast as they can through the system...but right now it's a traffic jam caused by a lengthy CRM program (up to 90 minutes just to get a new lead into SFDC), and no way to offer a secondary gated asset with accuracy to capture multiple form submits routed to both campaigns in SFDC.


                      do you have an example of how I would set up multiple integration events that get queued up. are you saying to create more than one CID field and Member Status Field? that is the suggestion I am considering from others. I dont think rule priorities is an issue, as we really only use 1 or 2 values pre-event. (responded / registered)

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                        so there are two things i'd suggest based on what you've said


                        1. a very slim version of your integration program that you're adding contacts to from the various form processing steps

                        2. creating an integration rule collection that you use only for these forms, one that includes the create lead and create campaign association calls and that can be called in a form processing step directly


                        i would say option 1 is likely going to be easiest to execute and maintain vs the second option


                        the option to create more than one CID field is something i would consider but that gets un-wiedly very quickly as you have to decide how many you have, how long you keep data in them, how you overwrite them, etc. and then you have to have a bunch of steps (either update rules in forms or in a program) that clean them up over time.  this option is tough to scale.

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                          yeah, I've been working with your option 1 as my choice as well. I'm playing with a form on which I've placed 2 hidden fields - SFDC LeadID & SFDC ContactID. I've made them custom hidden, with a field merge. Then, in the processing steps I have an Add to Program step that looks at conditions of those fields, and where those fields are exactly blank, then it sends the person directly to the CReate Lead step of our CRM Program, followed by the Campaign Association step (with a retry every ten minutes - so the LeadID can be created.)


                          Now what I need to do is find a way to allow that first association to take place before the new set of data overwrites it. (the 2nd form submit needs to be delayed before overwriting the first (SFDC Campaign ID)