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    WARNING - Unable to create log file


      Hi ALL,


      EBS R12.2.4

      RHEL 6.5


      I am starting our ebs instance, and I noticed WARNING: cat not create log file.

      But we have still 200Gb freespace in EBS folder.

      Why can not it create?

      Thanks a lot.



      Executing service control script:

      /u01/appvis/VIS/fs2/inst/apps/VIS_fitr12/admin/scripts/admanagedsrvctl.sh start forms_server1 -nopromptmsg

      Timeout specified in context file: -1 second(s)


      script returned:


      You are running admanagedsrvctl.sh version 120.14.12020000.9


      Starting forms_server1...


      admanagedsrvctl.sh: exiting with status 0


      admanagedsrvctl.sh: check the logfile /u01/appvis/VIS/fs2/inst/apps/VIS_fitr12/logs/appl/admin/log/adformsctl.txt for more information ...


      .end std out.

      WARNING - Unable to create log file </u01/appvis/VIS/fs2/FMW_Home/modules/../logs/wlst_20150821214420.log>.


      .end err out.