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    12.2.4 upgrade and rapidwiz


      We are currently on 12.1.2 ebiz and using shared appl_top  and database (2 node rac).

      Plan is to upgrade to 12.2.4

      Question is

      1. Do I need to run rapidwiz on node 1 of database node and again on node 2 as well ? Eventhough I specified that I have a 2 node rac, it looks like rapidwiz only configured node 1 and node 2 does not have any information (like conf.txt or new context file). Autoconfig was also run on node 1 only.

      2. When I configure the apps tiers, I dont have the option of adding multiple nodes. So, even if you have a shared appl top, do you still have to run rapidwiz on hte primary node then patch it and then use the add node procedure to add the second node?