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    Tabular Form, Dynamic action to disable and set text column


      Good morning!!

        Using APEX 4.2.6, with Oracle 11g R2, a person I work with has a tabular form with a need to do the following:


      The tabular form has the following layout:


      When the user selects Dollars from the UOM LOV, the associated Rate text box needs to have the amount set to 1.  Currently we have JavaScript to disable and set the background color, but fo rth elife of me I can seems to help them set the value..


      Code we have in a dynamic action:





      row_id = $(this.triggeringElement ).attr('id').substr(4);


      if( $(this.triggeringElement ).val() == 2)


        $( "#f04_" + row_id ).prop( 'readOnly', 'readonly');

        $( "#f04_" + row_id ).prop( 'class', 'textinputdisabled');

        //$( "#f04_" + row_id ).val(1);  <=== Here is where we are having the issue..




        $( "#f04_" + row_id ).prop( 'readOnly', false);

        $( "#f04_" + row_id ).prop( 'class', false);




      Thank you,


      Tony Miller
      Los Alamos, NM