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    The Assignments form in FA is slow to commit


      in fixed assets when changing who property is assigned to or the location.   After the first record change,   the save takes a long time   (Done Button) 

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          Srini Chavali-Oracle

          Tracing  the session or the form will likely show the cause - MOS Doc 130182.1

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            Leo R-Oracle

            I would say you would want to run Diagnostics: Apps Check for Assets and Subledger Accounting. In the result, check the version of

            XLA_EVENTS_PKG                 xlaevevt.pkb           


            If this instance does not have at least xlaevevt.pkb version 120.99.12010000.8, then apply Patch 9701260:R12.XLA.B. After applying this patch, run Gather Schema Statistics at 30% for FA and XLA schemas. Once this completes, test the issue again.

            Even if the xlaevevt.pkb version is 120.99.12010000.8 or higher already, run Gather Stats anyway, as this is always a good idea when encountering any performance issue.


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