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    Email attachment in oracle apps


      Good day





      Kindly assist, I have a requirement to send word document as an attachment in oracle alerts.I have managed to create two different  action types(Message and Operating System Script).The message action type  text is as follows:



      Dear &supervisor



      Please find the list of newly appointed employees .

      =**= Enter summary template below this line =**=


      Employee Number : &employee_number

      Employee Name : &full_name

      Date Joined :     &date_joint



      =**= Enter summary template above this line =**=



      The Operating System Script text is as follows:



      mutt -s "Attachment" -a /u01/Attach.doc  &tt



      (I have tried to use the uuencode command  but the command is not installed in UNIX that's why I ended up using the mutt command).



      Both action types return desired results.Now what i need assistance on , how can I  combine those two action types to send  one email.Currently when I execute the Alert  I receive two different emails.



      Your assistance will be highly appreciated.



      Thanking you in advance.