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    Internal links in a document?

    Stefan Jager

      Hi folks,


      don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I can't find any documentation (or better space to ask), so here goes: If I create a document (Activity->Create->Document), I'd like to add a table of contents at the top of the document. In itself that's easy, but I would also like the entries in my ToC to be hyperlinks to that particular section in the document. In a normal html-document you'd use a-href and a-name tags, and that's that. But that does not seem to work here.


      Does anybody know if that is at all possible, and if so how?




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          Before you continue, you might want to check if you can actually save and publish that document, because normal users have no privilege to do so. This feature was removed due to spam. You can create documents, but you cannot publish them. At least that's the status when I checked last. You can create a blog though, which is similar like creating a document, except that it does not have the "collaboration" features.


          To answer your question. You can insert a table of content using the "Table of Contents" feature from the >> menu in the advanced editor. All text that you marked as "header" using the "Style" menu will appear as hyperlinks in the table of contents. The table of contents will show only as placeholder when you edit the document, but will be visible when you publish the document or save it as draft, if you can.


          For example: Oracle Community Guide. All the links you see in the table of contents are text style headers, which update automatically.

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            Btw, creating a document is mentioned in the old Oracle Community Forum Guide - Part 2/3, but since this feature is no longer available after the Jive upgrade to version 7, I decided not to mention it in new guide. At the time of the writing, it was also not clear whether the document feature will come back or is gone for good.

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              Stefan Jager

              Hi Dude,


              Thanks, that was exatly what I was looking for. Must've missed it completely.


              I was asking this because I was working on setting up an FAQ for the Spatial space, and was thinking that a document might be a good idea (especially because of the collaboration: I could then invite other prominent users to help me out). But if the Document feature has been removed... Guess I'll need to figure out if I can publish one of my documents. Otherwise I might have to think of something else. The blog would be a good one too, but I do not want to be the single person that can modify the FAQ's. The past couple of months I've been very busy with a project that didn't involve much Oracle, and as a consequence I haven't been very active the past couple of months. So it just being me that can edit or do anything is to me a bit of a single point of failure...


              But thanks for the tip anyway, it does do what I want (so my main question is answered )




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                Stefan Jager

                Just to let you know: it seems like I can still make a document Public (at least to others, it looks like also to a whole space). Maybe it's just removed for new users?

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                  Sometimes things change without notice. I just tried it with a test account and I can start creating a document as usual, but I have no place to save or publish it. When I click on Save as Draft or Publish, it requests the name of the space, but all spaces are marked with .


                  I noticed something strange when logging in with an account that has access to MOSC: Although all spaces show as like OTN, I was able to choose and publish in the spaces I was following. This is perhaps a security issue or bug.


                  Maybe something that moniquevdb-Oracle can explain or has more info about. She may also explain what the current situation is. If people should indeed not be able to create documents, the option in the content view of the user profile should better be removed.

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                    Laura Ramsey-Oracle


                    You can send me the FAQ in HTML and I'll post it as a document for

                    you...we can collaborate on it (you'll have editing permissions) and

                    then I'll publish it on your behalf in the Spatial space.





                    AKA: Database Community Manager

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                      Jive is very picky about HTML and essentially re-parses everything you put into. Just my 2 cent, but apparently, Stefan Jager has already created an can publish that document. Based on my experience, it is possible to copy and paste between Jive documents, but both documents needs to be opened in the editor. If I remember correctly, collaborators you add as editors can also publish the document, at least in the previous version of the platform.

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                        Stefan Jager

                        Hi Laura,


                        I'll PM you, thanks.