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    Single report to display dynamic columns.




      I need some advice for RPD design.


      We have different reports with metrics , these reports are very similar across different roles in the organization.

      The structure of the report remains similar, but the metrics that we are displaying change, sometime the number of metrics that we are displaying also differ.


      While we are rebuilding our platform , I am thinking if we can have one single report that can be used across multiple roles to ease maintainability of multiple reports.


      But because one report shows 2 metrics and  other displays 5 or 7, Can we have dynamic columns in a report in OBIEE?


      I was thinking that I can use INDEXCOL to pick what metrics to display based on the role on the fly. But what I am not sure about is that how to handle variable number of metrics  because I don't want to have empty columns in my report.


      Or is it just better to leave it as separate reports.