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    convert 'Date' to Timestamp


      Helo Guys


      I have a problem that was confusing me a lot.how to cast Date to Timestamp.


      Actually I have a formula like this Timestampadd (SQL_TSI_DAY, 1-DAYOFMONTH(timestamp '@{pvReportDate}{12-23-2015}'), timestamp '@{pvReport}{12-23-2014}') but the result it was not a valid month etc. actually i have tried by cast my presentation variable. for the information I have prompt Report Date as presentation variable which is named @{pvReportDate} as DATE (it was DATETIME but User does not want it so I have to Cast to DATE).


      Do I have to convert the PV to timestamp format?How is it?I have tried many time to convert but always show error "Not a valid month","Not correct format" etc.


      If you have any suggestion and advises I really appreciate it guys.Thanks a million..I really need your share Guys.