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    Nested filter with presentation variable


      we need to have 2 levels of filters for a report.

      on the upper level (level 1) we have a column prompt with a choice list on column A. this prompts sets presentation variable p_level1.

      on the lower level (level 2) we have a presentaion variable prompt on a subset of column A. this prompt sets presentation variable p_level2.



      example; prompt level 1: available values (a,b,c,d,e,f) chosen value (b,c,f)

               prompt level 2: available values (a,b,c,e)



      ideally, I would like to give only the relevant options in the level2 prompt and limit the options by the choice in level 1 and my subset flag.

      example prompt level 2: available values limited to (b,c).

      when 'All column values' is chosen on level 1 the prompt does not work at all. it seems that the presentation variable in not existent.


      when values are chosen on level 1 the level 2 prompt works fine.

      I dont want to have default values on level 1 prompt as that caused unnecessary joins in the report.



      how can I do this?