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    Cloned instance failed to restart adalnctl.sh with error  /usr/lib/hpux64/dld.so: Unsatisfied data symbol '__is_psn'  ....


      Dear all,


      We used the rapidclone to clone  R12.1.3 to HP-UX Itanium 11.31. When the start the services, the script  'adalnctl.sh' failed with errors:



      /usr/lib/hpux64/dld.so: Unsatisfied data symbol '__is_psn' in load module '/ap01/TEST/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/bin/lsnrctl'.



      The error occurred every time we cloned the instance to the same target server. There is no any error in make log file for 10.1.2 ORACLE HOME. The source and target servers are all HP-UX Itanium 11.31.  We had to relink 10.1.2 ORACLE_HOME after cloning as workaround .


      Could you please give your advices and  what are might causes? 


      Thanks &Best regards,