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    How to purge Events***.log log files from $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG


      Hi All,


           We have oracle E-business suite running in OEL 4.8. (Single node,Stand alone database)


           Here suddenly we got space issue in the File system where our COMMON_TOP is there. So i investigated on that and found out $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG is have more than 30 GB.


           And specifically files name start with Events***.log consuming more than 20 GB space. (Not a single file, more than 10 files)


           File's max size is 6 GB and Min size is 500 MB....


           So shall i purge those files manually (or)


           Is there any Concurrent Request to schedule, for clearing those Events***.log logfiles automatically and frequently ? Like CC mgr log files purge...


           And what is the best method for purging these log files. Any Concurrent request is there or we need to purge manually?


           Kindly advice, since those log files are eating up my FS space.



      Thanks in Advance,

      A.George Inigo.