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    Inconsistency of data


      I have question about date (facts and dimension) in OBIA.



      The problem arises when creating two analyzes of the same fact but another dimension to describe it. For example, I have a fact: Received Quantity and create two separate analyzes where column I Month, and in other analysis I have the Supplier. So the two analyzes:

      Supplier - Received Quantity
      Month - Received Quantity

      And now as I add Show Grand Total is the value of the grand total they are different. The question is why is this happening?
      The solution is to add to Exclude Columns in the first analysis of the month and the second month.

      Supplier - Recived Quantity and in Exclude Column (Month)

      Month- Recived Quantity and in Exclude Column (Supplier)

      In such a small analysis, it works and it works correctly, but form a larger analysis, tables and graphs adding to them Column Selector View Selector adds to Exclude Column many columns to the results in the Grand Total same and everything comes often very slowly. As the game will enter yet it sometimes prompts, really poorly.
      Is there a solution to this problem or just badly do I do?
      Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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          Gianni Ceresa


          The solution would be to find why you have a different result in grand total.

          Is grand total really the sum of the details you see above?

          All your "Received quantity" have a month and a supplier defined?

          If in your model you have inner join as soon as one single row of data his missing a join on month or supplier the 2 grand total will be different.

          So do some analysis on your data to find out what is generating the delta you see in your figures.

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            Federico Venturin

            Hi choracy69,


            In addition to what Gianni wrote you should also check your hierarchies.


            In particular, the columns used to make up a level key should reference a unique value. If the level value is not unique, columns need to be added to the key to guarantee uniqueness.