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    Alert/message/note with information about loading data




      I have a question concerning the alerts / notifications. What is there an easy way for setting up an automatic alert / notification / message, which appeared to be a short string / note on the home page Obia with information, for example:
      "Data loading is done, possible problems with their viewing time ending XYZ".
      Of course, the inscription can be rigidly typed, but maybe there is a way to somehow automatically recur on specific days and times or so every morning administrator to easily turn on him?

      I know that there is a way to stiff enter the HTML configuration of the appearance of the home page, but it is not very practical. In contrast, I read a little bit about ALERT in OBIEE, sending email, etc. However, I do not know whether using this impossible to do that? Sending email is not necessary, just the same information on the home page.

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          Christian Berg

          Hi choracy69


          This "functionality" can be reproduced with reading ETL log database tables and then putting a conditional section on a dashboard - HTML on the Home page is more of a hack and less of a reutilization of standard techniques.


          Basically you model your ETL log tables into the RPD and build analyses on top of it. Then it all depends on "what precise condition will make the message appear" and you configure this condition in a "Condition" object. As I said it's all standard technology it's just about setting up the bits and pieces and make them work together. No coding needed.