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    Opening report from Favorite




      I want to run a report from Favorite. Version of OBIEE (Build 140916.0744 64-bit) I do not have access to the SA the report is for. The report is not running. How do I get the report to run? Is there anything called read only report? If I do give permission to the SA via a role, the report opens as Analysis and I do not want this.

      Any solution?



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          I was able to figure it out. It may be a workaround.


          I do not have access to the SA. The report that is my favorite belongs to this SA for which I do not have permission.


          Solution: I went to "My Account". "Preferences" --> "Accessibility Mode" and chose "On".


          Logged Out and Logged back in. Now when I clicked on my Favorite report, it ran bringing me the prompt screen.


          Honestly, "Accessibility Mode" should not matter at all. So this could be a BUG in OBIEE