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    Conditionally marking an LTS as disabled

    William Johnston

      Hello all:


      We have a use case that I'm not finding any solutions to anywhere (maybe I'm using the wrong search teams).


      We have a logical fact table "Sales" with x logical table sources at different levels of aggregation (all physical tables in oracle database, built through ETL tools)  We've set content level, design aggregate dimensions, etc.  Everything works fine in our steady state system.


      The issue we are having is we want to add more aggregates as additional LTS, but our morning data load ETL window is full and we are not able to meet our SLA if we add more aggregate tables.  We can build the aggregates later in the morning (lets say 9am).  So we want to add these newer aggregates to the RPD, but find a way to conditionally mark them as disabled until later in the morning.  So before 9am, a query that could be satisfied by a new aggregate LTS would still use the lower granularity tables; but after 9am these same queries would utilize the aggregate instead.

      Anyone have any similar use cases?

      Thanks in advance,