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    Unable to read variable definition from parameter file


      Hi all,


      I'm in need of help with this issue. I've looked up a lot of different links that give help on this but I don't understand what they're referring to when trouble shooting this issue. The following is listed in the log:


      SeverityTimestampNodeThreadMessage CodeMessage
      ERROR12/4/2015 11:23:22 AMnode01_sgibid12996LM_36488Session task instance [SIL_ServiceRequestDimension] : [PETL_24049 Failed to get the initialization properties from the master service process for the prepare phase [Session task instance [SIL_ServiceRequestDimension]: Unable to read variable definition from parameter file [D:\Informatica\9.5.1\server\infa_shared\SrcFiles\SILOS.SIL_ServiceRequestDimension.txt].] with error code [0].]



      Can someone step me into trouble shooting this? I'm new to Informatica and just ran my first successful ETL and now I get this error when the ETL runs again. IDK anything about the parameter file and I don't see the SILOS.SIL_ServiceRequestDimension.txt file in the directory the log is telling me to look.


      I appreciate your time and efforts.


      Thank you!