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    GA release of Oracle Policy Automation November 2015 (12.2.1)

    Brad Tuckett   ----Oracle

      Oracle Policy Automation November 2015 (12.2.1) is now available for download from Oracle® Software Delivery Cloud (http://edelivery.oracle.com/) and the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/apps-tech/policy-automation/downloads/index.html)


      Updated products:

      • Oracle Policy Modeling
      • Oracle Policy Automation server components
      • Oracle Policy Automation application for iOS and Android
      • Oracle Policy Automation for Mobile Devices
      • Oracle In-Memory Policy Analytics



      What's new in Oracle Policy Automation November 2015?

      ( http://documentation.custhelp.com/euf/assets/devdocs/november2015/PolicyAutomation/en/Default.htm#Guides/Getting_Started/Whats_New.htm )


      Rule modeling

      • Inclusions
      • Reference tags
      • Rule loop warnings


      Policy Modeling projects

      • New Hazard Management example project
      • Translated Travel Compensation example project


      Data mapping enhancements

      • Policy Modeling has two new ways of viewing the data model: an Input Mapping view and an Output Mapping view.


      Interview enhancements

      • Capture and save signatures
      • Add photo evidence to a mobile interview


      Hub enhancements

      • Deployment statistics


      Mobile SDK enhancements

      • Save XML audit reports from mobile interviews
      • Extract attached image and signature data