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    No filter when presentation variable is null


      Hi guys,

      i have a presentation prompt showing product belts:


      < 15

      15 - 30

      30 - 60

      60 - 90

      > 90


      Ii have associated to it the presentation variable "product'. As default values i have chosen 'Default values' that is equivalent to say "All Choices''

      Then I have a report  I want to filter it on prompt choice. So if the user chooses the value '15 - 30' it must shows only values about products in the range 15 - 30.

      Unfortunately i haven't a column prompt so i haven't a physical column on which to filter so i'm trying to create a filter condition based only on presentation variable 'product' but the report ahways shows all values. How can i create the filter condition?

      In addition if the user chooses the default value choice, the filter condition should not be applied.


      Thanks a lot