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    Unable to install 12c 32 bit client on same machine as 12c 64 bit server


      I have installed the 64bit 12c server on a Windows Server 2012 R2 machine.  I had the installation create a new user named "oracle".  Now I need to install the 32bit 12c client on the same machine due to an application on the server that doesn't support the 64 bit client.  When I try to install the 32bit client, a console window comes up for a few seconds then goes away and an error window pops up.  The error says "[INS-10102] Installer initialization failed." and when I click the details button, it says "[INS-10002] Inventory initialization failed".  I checked the install log and it ends with the following:


      ERROR: Cannot add user to application access ACL.
      No mapping between account names and security IDs was done.



      This machine used to have the 32 bit 11g client on it, but that has been completely removed.


      I've searched the net, but can't find anything useful for this error.  Can anyone please give me some assistance?


      Thanks very much.