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    OBIEE 11g, Nq Server File System - Getting Filled up quickly




      We have working on Migration project OBIEE 10g to 11g. Reports which are running very well in 10g are filling up the Nq server file system in 11g and causing error.


      Current Configuration - OBIEE 10g - DB 11i.

      New Configuration - OBIEE 11g - DB 12c


      NQ Server available space is same in both these configurations. and report is exactly same in both the environment.


      There is one Report which is running very well in 10g is now generating huge file in NQ server in 11g. If multiple users run this report, with diff parameters, it fills up NQ server quickly and causes error.

      We checked Logical Queries, they match exactly same.

      Physical queries, differs slightly but result set is exactly same.


      Any thoughts or guidelines to debug this problem.