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    PS data download issues Nvision any alternative


      Hi All,


      Especially people soft finance community, I would like to share information about how I resolved the data down loading issues which is more than 0.1 or 0.2 million records, this is very much useful when sub system to GL reconciliation and audits, year end issue with data, using excel ODBC data connection, by default you need to connect using ODBC and keep the query, save and refresh excel, data would flush in no time, we can have query criteria as well. the limitation is you need to pass userid and password (security & Oracle installation), other limitation is we cannot give it to the users, but this really helped me a lot and I have given the same solution to my clients especially who are in CFOs and VP finance level who want to monitor the transactions without getting into PS, they are very happy some how we got the approval from CIO team to get client installation(oraacle).


      I would like to know since Nvision reports are having limitation, is there any alternative or work around is there BI publisher will help us to get more than 65K in 60 seconds are less?

      is ISCRIPTS will help, PSQUERY doesnot help if the data is 0.1 million and 0.2 million.@