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    Row Heading

    user 1208988

      Hi All.


      I have requirement to create a pivot table that looks like the below example.

      REVENUE and GROSS PROFIT are just text headings for the rows. Products are from Product dimension. How to achieve such structure where first column will be mere heading?


      Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks.

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          Gianni Ceresa


          Are you sure your column with "REVENUE" and "GROSS PROFIT" is just a heading? Isn't it the name of the measures you will display in the pivot ?

          Because you have the same set of products repeated for both Revenue and Gross Profit, so this means you have at least 2 measures.

          In that case as long as your 2 measures are named "REVENUE" and "GROSS PROFIT" you simply move the "Measure Labels" before the products column in the Rows area of your pivot.



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            user 1208988

            Thanks Gianni for your response.


            My data source is an excel file. I don't have such measure. Those numbers are calculated using multiple measures. As per the existing excel report, they are just headings.

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              Gianni Ceresa

              What are you going to put in "Measures" area of your pivot?

              There you are supposed to have at least 2 columns (and it's what is supposed to be your measures). If it's a column, a formula using 10 other columns or anything else doesn't make any difference ...


              If for each heading value (Revenue and Gross Profit) you are going to display multiple measures the problem is still the same: how do you expect OBIEE to display you the list of products twice? Based on which condition do you want to decide which measure to be displayed next to Revenue and which one next to Gross Profit?