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    Sensor based application

      Hi there,
      I am developping an application that requires input from several ECG sensors/deveices. The problem is that there are lots of vendors of various ECG sensors. Moreover, there are different kinds of ECG input instruments; they could be raw sensors that are interfaced in some how and then connected to PC or they could be just a plug and device that provides input of ECG data through for example serial port. I want my application to be general and handle any kind of these sensors/devices (once they are connected to PC). I am new in sensors field and I hope that someone could help me regarding this.

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          One of the fundamental concept of the SES is to decouple the specific devices and the applications. This is done by:
          A) Defining a event type and subtype that maps to logic type of sensors. For example, all RFID and physical portal sensors are mapped to one type of event (200).
          B) Drivers are custom code that transform between the event you defined, and the actual hardware. This way, you can support different hardware connectivity and protocol and still provide the same application communication protocol - the event you defined

          For your particular case, I would recommend you to define events for each ECG sensors, and write drivers for each ECG sensor that has a different protocol.

          If only the connectivity is different, but the protocol is the same, I would recommend you looking into the Transport library (oracle.edge.tools.io).

          Hope this helps -- Sam