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    Installation of Sensor Edge Server 10.1.3


      our institution has been using Sensor Edge Server 10.1.2 for academic purposes for more than 1 year. Now we've decided to test the new version and encountered some unpleseant problems. The previous version of Senssor Edge Server (10.1.2) was relatively light-weight, it could be installed on clients with simple hardware. But know I need to install OC4J separately (ok, no problems), but after installtion of oc4j I cann't install EdgeServer directly, because I get error, - something like "This version of OC4J is inpropriate for installation of EdgeServer". Then I read, that I need to install J2EE Server and Process Management (why is it listed separately in the software requirements, if J2EE Server and Process Management includes OC4J?!). After installing "J2EE Server and Process Management" I could finally install Edge Server, result - 530 Mb with corresponding RAM requirements (10.1.2 insallation was 120 Mb).
      So, is it the way it Sensor Edge Server works now or I still can install Sensor Edge Server in the bare OC4J installation? If yes, how (cause I probed on windows and linux stations, and I get the same error).

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          Hi Yuri,

          I'm sorry you are having problems with the installation, maybe we should do better with the documentation to make it clearer.

          We have always wanted to be as lightweight as possible, but there are sometimes restrictions from the containers, and that was what happened in the last release.

          We know about the size issue and we are working on 2 things to try to resolve it:
          A) support oc4j_extended.zip again (plain vanilla install)
          B) support for standalone mode (with no web and ws capabilities) (this has always been there, but it's just not advertised.)

          I don't have a timeline, but if more people are having similar concerns, please post here so I can raise priority.

          Thanks -- Sam
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            One more thing - I would be interested in getting more of your feedback. We are in planning phase for the next release and really could use all the help we can get for comments and features suggestions.

            You can either post here or email me directly. (samuelson.rehman@oracle.com)

            Thanks -- Sam