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    Enabling and Disabling Database Options


      Hello All,


      I have recently upgrade a ebs (R12.1.3) DB from to in doing so for some reasons I have to go with silent installation for installing DB software. The installation and the DB upgarde completed successfully. After sometime I realized that some Database Options are not enabled, this I realized after few months, when some developer reported that he is not able to create table partitions in the DB and faced with the error "ORA-00439: feature not enabled: Partitioning" in doing so.


      I have enabled the Partitioning Option for the DB with the help of Doc ID "IF: ORA-00439 - Common Causes and Solutions (Doc ID 2011755.1)".


      Now the question I have is, will it have any impact on the DB that is already upgraded, as I am enabling this component after completing the DB upgrade?