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    File I/O error with execution of 'bulk_load_from_staging_table' function




      I'm executing the following statement:


      execute sem_apis.bulk_load_from_staging_table('rdf_graph','user_testing','STAGE_TABLE');


      But the execution doesn't end because the following error:


      Error starting at line : 1 in command -

      execute sem_apis.bulk_load_from_staging_table('rdf_graph','user_testing','STAGE_TABLE');

      Error report -

      ORA-13199: During LBV: [22-JAN-16 PM -02:00]

      ORA-01114: IO error writing block to file  (block # )

      ORA-01114: IO error writing block to file 201 (block # 3847005)

      ORA-27072: File I/O error

      Additional information: 4

      Additional information: 3847005

      Additional information: 221184 [

      ORA-06512: at "MDSYS.SDO_RDF_INTERNAL", line 2823




      ORA-06512: at "MDSYS.MD", line 1723

      ORA-06512: at "MDSYS.MDERR", line 17

      ORA-06512: at "MDSYS.SDO_RDF_INTERNAL", line 2974

      ORA-06512: at "MDSYS.SDO_RDF_INTERNAL", line 7204

      ORA-06512: at "MDSYS.SDO_RDF", line 1014

      ORA-06512: at "MDSYS.RDF_APIS", line 926

      ORA-06512: at line 1

      13199. 00000 -  "%s"

      *Cause:    This is an internal error.

      *Action:   Contact Oracle Support Services.


      Thanks by suggestions and answers