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    'completed' status of tasks don't get synchronised correctly

      With my Windows Mobile 2003 device using Synthesis SyncML Client, I can synchronise events without any problems. Tasks also get synchronised, apart from the status of them. I can 'complete' a task all I want on the server (using web or Windows client), but the status change doesn't get transferred to the mobile device.

      When I mark a task 'completed' on my mobile device, the 'completed' status gets transferred to the server, but very strangely. In the web client the task is 'completed', but at the same time at 0%. It's not possible to get this combination of settings using the web client or any other client.

      Am I doing something wrong? Is there some bug that I don't know about? Am I using a wrong combination of versions (see below)? Any insights would be highly appreciated!

      Device: HP iPaq rz1710
      OS: Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition (Version 4.21.1088, build 14132)
      SyncML client: PocketPC SyncML Client PRO (SyncML Engine V2.5.0.64)
      ActiveSync Version 4.0.0 (Build 4343)
      Oracle Calendar V9.0.4 ( 20040308)