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    Error using dbms_stats.gather_table_stats and a stored procedure with "authid current_user"




      When I use dbms_stats.gather_table_stats with a deterministic stored function which uses authid current_user, I have the following error:


      [...]ORA-20001: Error when processing extension -  The function is not deterministic[...]


      Here is an example:

      CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION test(value varchar2) 
      return varchar2 deterministic authid current_user 
      pragma autonomous_transaction;
          execute immediate 'select 1 from dual';
          return 'FALSE';
      END test;
      GRANT execute ON test TO the_other_schema;
              ownname => 'the_other_schema', 
              tabname => 'the_other_table', 
              method_opt => 'for columns (current_user.test(the_other_column)) size auto'


      If I remove "authid current_user" from the stored function test, there is not error anymore.


      I have this same error on Oracle Database, or


      How I can use this deterministic stored function with "authid current_user" without error ?

      Is it possible to use authid current_user  in a deterministic function ?


      Thank you in advance,