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    Receipt Maturity Date Changes after Applying the Receipt, when Maturity Date is backdated.



      When we are trying to create a receipt in AR and applying it to an invoice with maturity date as backdated.

      The scenario is

      1. When a receipt is created and it is applied to invoice which is already created.
      2. We are making the maturity date as backdated (i.e.) the maturity date will be less than receipt date
      3. When we tried to do the bank reconcile at the month end. The maturity date for some receipts has been changed to the receipt date. for e.g., a receipt was created on 31-Jan-2016 and the maturity date has been entered as 27-Jan-2016, at the month end when we tried to perform bank reconcile. The maturity date was automatically changed to 31-Jan-2016 from 27-Jan-2016.

      To reproduce the issue,

      1. Navigate to AR-->Receipts
      2. Create a receipt with maturity date is less than receipt date and apply it to an invoice.



      Arun Kumar