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    JDeveloper 12.2.1 - Service Directory is not valid


      Hi OTN,


      I cannot find an answer to this question anywhere on Google or OTN so I thought I would raise a new thread


      I have an SOA Application which was originally created in but imported and migrated to a project.


      Whenever I try to look at any existing adapters or create new adapters I get to the first screen of the Adapter Configuration Wizard and when I click "Next" I get the following error message pop up and I cannot continue:


      "Service Directory Error"

      "Service directory is not valid"


      I have replicated the problem on two separate JDeveloper installations on two machines. The install came from the quickstart fmw_12.


      The same is true when using the AQ Adapter, B2B, BAM, Coherence, Database, File, FTP, Healthcard, HTTP Binding, JMS, LDAP, MFT, MQ, MSMQ, Socket, and UMS Adapters


      Would anybody have any idea what is going wrong with the Adapter Wizards, or provide any pointers to where could I start to find out what is going wrong?


      Many Thanks


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          I think I have answered my own question:


          The "Service directory is not valid" error when using the Adapter configuration wizard appears when there is a space in the application file path


          I was using a file path of C:\Users\u0048432\Documents\mywork\Core Data\CoreData.jws for my application


          If I rename the folder to C:\Users\u0048432\Documents\mywork\CoreData\CoreData.jws (no spaces) the error goes away and I can use the Adapter Configuration Wizard again.


          A strange issue which does not occur in the 11g release (I have spaces in the file paths for all of my projects/applications).


          Hopefully this post can be of use to somebody in the future!!!