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    Apache Jena Support for Oracle 12c


      I am working on storing RDF/OWL triple into Oracle 12c but haven't made any success due to outdated documentation.

      I have downloaded the RDF semantic graph support for Oracle but there are two version and

      The problem that I am facing is in 12102 oracle class files in the Jar folder which are required to run the example https://docs.oracle.com/database/121/RDFRM/sem_jena.htm#RDFRM273


      the structure of 12102 is


         *.jar files


      the structure of 12101 is




         *.jar files


      As you can see the Oracle 12102 is missing the oracle class files. Hence I am facing the error of The method createOracleSemModel(Oracle, String) from the type ModelOracleSem refers to the missing type ModelOracleSem


      Not sure how to avoid the error.

      Apart from that the oracle 12102 and 12101 documentation RDF Semantic Graph Licensed Software mention that it supports Jena 2.11.1. Does this mean it does not support Jena 3 ?

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          Currently the latest support for Apache Jena is for Apache Jena 2.11.1. We are working on Jena 3 support.


          Regarding Oracle.class, it is in the sdordfclient_12c.jar


          % jar tvf jar/sdordfclient_12c.jar |grep Oracle.class

          20656 Tue Feb 02 17:03:02 EST 2016 oracle/spatial/rdf/client/jena/Oracle.class


          Hope it helps,


          Zhe Wu