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    Triple not consistent in CMD vs SQL Developer


      This might be a really stupid question but since I am new to Oracle RDF semantic I cannot understand why I am facing this issue. I have set up Oracle RDF semantic to store TRIPLE into oracle 12c database by following the all the steps in https://docs.oracle.com/database/121/RDFRM/sdo_rdf_concepts.htm#RDFRM602


      Now I start insert TRIPLE into my table via the CMD

      Screenshot (40).png


      Next I try to view this TRIPLE via the CMD

      Screenshot (36).png


      Great so far so good.  But now I connect to the PDB through SQL Developer


      Screenshot (41).png


      I try to add a TRIPLE through SQL Developer but I cant see this triple when I try to view through either cmd or sqldeveloper. The same is with the triple (id=1) I can see via cmd but cant see via sqldeveloper.

      Screenshot (42).png


      Why am I not able to view the TRIPLE in both of them although I am inserting in the same model. Also why in Oracle 12c I cant see the triple value? sorry this  sounds like a noob question