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    Decimal Places - Numeric Format




      I have a report in OBI that uses direct database request to return results, there is a numeric field I am extracting from a table.


      The format in the table is a decimal number and for example appears as 1.6900 but appears as 16900 in OBI. I have used Cast function as double precision but that has no effect


      There should be a decimal point added before the last four numbers


      For example


      7890999 = 789.0999

      1560000 = 156.0000

      450000 = 45.0000

      10987 = 1.0987


      Can anyone suggest if there is a numeric format that can used to convert the decimal format as above?



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          Christian Berg

          Seems weird that the returned result isn't the actual number.  Are you sure you're using the correct data types? Is the data stored in the database really 156.0000, so "one hundred fixty-six and zero cents"?


          Also: since you're doing a direct database requests it's all in the code and not necessarily in how OBI handles numbers.