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    Starting Page and PORTALPATH problem 11g




      it seems that the Starting Page option under My Account > Preferences is not working at all. Whatever dashboard I set as a starting page, it always drops me on OBIEE11g homepage, /analytics/saw.dll?BIEEHome.


      Is there some additional settings that keep overwriting this?


      In addition to that, I tried setting a dashboard as a page that appears after you log in for all users by using PORTALPATH session system variable (and setting Starting Page to 'Default'), however that doesn't change anything, whatever I put in there, the user always gets /analytics/saw.dll?BIEEHome after login.


      Does someone know why neither Starting Page or PORTALPATH doesn't change the page that appears after login? Whatever I do, I always get the homepage /analytics/saw.dll?BIEEHome.


      Thanks and regards