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    Concurrent Programs


      Hello Oracle Community!


      I am very new to Oracle Applicaions and using Oracle EBS. I am trying to learn about concurrent programs. I am reading Oracles documentation about concurrent programs but since English is not my first language, I am having some difficulties understanding everything.


      Can you please give me a brief introduction to Oracle Concurrent programs?

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          Hussein Sawwan-Oracle

          Details about concurrent programs can be found in Oracle E-Business Suite Setup Guide


          If you have specific questions, please post it here and we will try to help.


          And your English looks good to me




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            And what is your native language?


            Basically a concurrent program is simply a way to process something in the background. This can be a report or a program for example.

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              Thank you for your reply.


              Well, I'll explain what I do and where I am having problems.
              What I am intending to do is, I want to generate an XML Data sample from Invoices so I can update the RTF template they are using for the Invoices. So by generating the XML Data sample, I can find the XML Tags I need to add in the RTF template while of course using XSL tags. But I am having difficulties generating the XML output.


              First of, I go to my System Administrator Responsibility and go to the Define concurrent program. When the Concurrent program window appears, I query for a concurrent program using the "Query by Example".

              The concurrent program that I am using is costumized, it's application is receivables, method is Oracle Reports and Output format is XML. I guess that's the kind of concurrent program i need?


              After I save it, I switch to my Receivables Manager responibility and submit a request.
              In the Request Window at the NAME field, I type the Concurrent programs name.
              Now the Parameters Window appears, (Do the parameter fields work like 'where' clauses?)


              Now this is where I am having my problems, whenever I do not fill the parameters fileds (exept Order By: Transactions and Customer: XXXXXXX) and submit the request, after I view the output the XML Data sample generates, but it is a HUGE file that it actually fails to load properly (part of this problem is my crapy internet connection).


              In the other hand when I fill up the other parameter fields for example: Transaction Number Low and Transaction Number High (the reason why I am asking if parameters work as 'where' clauses), I can shrink the output down to 3-4 invoce bills for example, but the output than does not Generate XML, instead it generates the invoices using the template...


              So, is there a way that I can generate the XML sample of only one or a couple of Invoices?

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                Yes, the parameters will restrict the data.


                In query if we use bind parameters in where clause, we need to give values in parameters at srs window while submitting concurrent program.


                if you select invoice number from 1 to 5, but actually there is no data for those invoices, so no xml tags will come. so try it for 11 to 20 or 30 to 40 like that.


                Also you said with out invoice number you ran the program, so in that xml tags pick any invoice number and run it for that particular invoice number then you will get proper xml tags.


                hope this will help you...

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                  As stated in the previous reply use one invoice to narrow down the output and use the Diagnostics button on your request to see the XML using the View XML button.


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                    Thank you.