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    Dynamic Navigation Menu works but Dynamic Navigation Bar does not


      I'm having an issue creating a dynamic Navigation Bar using the Query Source Type "Function Returning SQL Query". We are currently using a dynamic Navigation Menu with the same Query Source Type, but a different query. The SQL construction is the same approach in each, but when used in the Navigation Bar, the same children entries appear under multiple Parent "nodes".


      SELECT LEVEL               "level"       ,

                    menu_item_label "label"       ,

                    target_url            "target"      ,

                    NULL                 "is_current"  ,

                    menu_item_icon  "image"       ,

                    NULL                 "image_attrib",

                    NULL                 "image_alt"

      FROM    menu_items mi

      START WITH parent_menu_item_id     IS NULL

      CONNECT BY PRIOR menu_item_id   = parent_menu_item_id

      ORDER BY sort_seq_no;


      We are using Oracle APEX on database 11gR2


      There was a post on this very same problem from November 2015 but was never answered, and has since been archived: How do I create a custom dynamic navigation bar menu in Apex 5.0.1?


      Only 1 other user replied stating they were having the same issue. Does the query need to be written differently for a Navigation Bar?