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    Bug with APEX 5 Popup and IE11




      I might have found a Bug when using the new popup solution that came with APEX 5 (Modal Dialog) browsing with Internet Explorer 11.


      The following things has to be done to reproduce the Bug. I also created an example on apex.oracle.com


      • Create an Interactive Report and a Button to open the Popup Page.
      • On the Popup Page create a Page Item and a Close Button.
      • Add a Dynamic Action to the Close Button and set "Cancel Dialog" or "Close Dialog" as True Action to the Button.


      You're done. Here is how to reproduce the Bug.


      • Open the Parent Page and Click on the Button to open the Popup.
      • On the Popup select/focus the Page Item and close the Popup afterwards (Close Button).


      Now - on the Parent Page - you're not be able to edit the Interactive Report Search Bar or any other Text Item.


      There are two options to get them working again which i figured out right now.


      • Refresh the page
      • Click on the magnifier icon left to the search bar and select any of the columns