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      I have the following Problem: I have an Application connected on the Remote-Driver.
      I want to collect events adressed to this driver and analyze the Event-Data.
      When is send an Event via edge/tools/sendEvent.html or edg_utl.sendToEdge the event is submitted and successfully recieved but the data-filed just contains the data of the Id-Field.

      My input into the data-fieled looks like this:
      The Type is 550, the subtype is 0
      To read the data i used the oracle.edge.tools.io.EventSocket-Class

      Any Idea what is wrong?

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          Sounds like you are doing most of it correctly. Two hints thou:
          - Can you trap the socket xml message to see if it is missing there? If it is, the sender is the problem
          - When you put the xml in the data, did you escape the xml tags first ( like replace all < with &lt;, etc)

          If you couldn't get any further, I can post a remotedriver test client, that will just dump out the messages.

          Thx -- Sam
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            Hi Sam,
            the supplied XML-Data looks like this:

            <item id="MY_ID">MY_ID</item>

            So it seems like the Data-Segment is missing. I didn't use this time no xml in the Data-Field so <, isn't the problem.
            The Edg-Utl. Command looks like this:
            call Edg_utl.sendtoedge (101, 0,'myItemID' ,'BHG', 'ProductionLineDevice', 'MY_TESTDATA', sysdate,'src','cor');
            So maybe we should try the remote-Driver test-client

            Regards Jan
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              I think this was a bug in the Event class that was in one of the patches. Basically, the Event's toXML method was generating id instead of data for the payload.
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                Well it's not just the toXML Method, the main Problem is that .getData() delivers the ID and not the required Data....
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                  Thanks a lot the patch solved the problem :-)
                  • 6. Remote Driver
                    Hi ,

                    I have configured the remote driver to listen a port where the event data is published.(<event> </event>)

                    I need to read this data from the port and forward to a oracle table after processing. Can remote driver listen to the port and display in the edge server "monitor event" ? From there I will also set up a rule to forward to a particular location.

                    Is Remote Driver the right one to do this job or I have understood anything completely wrong?? Kindly help.

                    After setting the remote driver, there is no error message/events shown in monitor events. Should I customise the code to do this job?? If customisation is needed, can you direct me to any documents to help get started.