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    Removing certain row in OBIEE Analysis Answer based on existence of another row




      We have a requirement where we wish to remove certain row from analysis answer based on existence of another row. Please see the following results of 'Original' analysis

      Customer       Type        ID

      A                   S             1       

      A                   O             2

      B                   S             3

      C                   O            4


      For all Customers where rows with both "Type" values (i.e. "S" and "O") exist, rows with "Type" "O" need to be removed from the Answer. Practically second row (A, O, 2) needs to be removed. 'Expected' result should be

      Customer       Type       ID

      A                   S            1        

      B                   S            3

      C                   O           4


      Regards, Atul