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      For a considerable time we (Intesys Intenational) are developing Oracle-based (Oracle 8i) health information system, called ULTIMA*HIS (www.intesysinternational.com). However, the core of ULTIMA*HIS is centered around 'electronic medical recording', patient treatment progress notes. With the emergence of Oracle9i desing/development tools, we are planning to migrate the current client/server software (Developer/Developer Server, version 6) to the Internet in order to share, on a confidential basis, patient information and thus substantially reduce the cost of the paper-based medical recording. We have developed 3 generic types of medical recording: 1) chronological, 2)POMR(problem-oriented medical records) and 3) S-O-A-P (Subjective-Objective-Assessment-Plan). We are challenging Oracle 'shops', interested in this demanding field, to join our developments. So far we have groups here in the US, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic and UK.
      Oracle so far produced 2 component: Oracle9i and Oracle9i Development Server. The third, the most important one, Oracle Forms9iAS, is still under development and has been promised to be delivered in this 1Q.