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    How to create a datasource in OBIEE?


      Hi all,



         Host.......: OEL 7.1


         I have my production server (SRVPRD01) with a production database (DBPRD). Inside this database, i have 3 tables (TAB1, TAB2 and TAB3). What i would like to do is to create a datasource do this database (DBPRD) to work with the data in these 3 tables.


         First, i created an ODBC connection pointing to my Oracle BI Server (port 9514) and checked the checkbox "Connect"... and in the next screen, it loads to me a database named "Sample App Lite Data". Why? How can i point to my production database to use my work tables?


      I tryed to create a new repository using Administration Tool, but in the "datasource view" area, i can only see the "Sample Sales Lite".


      How to create a new repository pointing to my real data?


      Thanks for the attention.