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    Adding Javascript function in PageMenusData on DOC_INFO Page

    vivek lal

      Hi All,


      I am trying one scenario where on DOC INFO page, one Drop down navigation menu present.

      Example Code :

      <@dynamichtml docinfo_menus_setup@>

      <$include super.docinfo_menus_setup$>

      <$exec rsAppendNewRow("PageMenusData")$>

        <$PageMenusData.nodeId = "CONTENT_ACTIONS"$>

        <$PageMenusData.parentId = "HEADER_MENU"$>

        <$PageMenusData.label = "CONTENT_ACTION"$>

        <$PageMenusData.type = "collection"$>

      <$PageMenusData.href = "javascript:exampleFunction()"$>

        <$PageMenusData.loadOrder = 10$>


      I have to click to CONTENT_ACTION label and to get one confirmation window. I have exampleFunction() javascript function inside same include but it is not able to call.

      I tried with alert message and it worked - <$PageMenusData.href = "javascript:alert('test message')"$>

      Please suggest me, how can I call function.