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    Tracking and reporting on landing page clickthroughs - how do I do this?

    Brianna Young

      Here's the scenario:


      I have one landing page being used for a campaign in multiple channels (Facebook, email, Google AdWords). Each channel uses the landing page URL with a query string specific to that channel, so I'm able to report on the page visits by channel as intended.


      The landing page has two buttons - an Apply Online button and a Find a Location button. These buttons link to our main website, outside of Eloqua, which does not have the Eloqua tracking scripts on it yet. I have tracking enabled in the landing page settings, but I can't find where to see the clickthrough activity for a given landing page. How do I report on the clicks to the Apply Online and Find a Location buttons both in aggregate and individually?


      I talked with Oracle Support and they instructed me to add the third party tracking scripts to my Eloqua landing pages and add the onclick modifier to the links I want to track. This was confusing because I thought the tracking scripts were only for pages outside of Eloqua. Can anyone confirm this?

      Regardless, the agent told me that I would only be able to see the clicks in aggregate with this method, but I can't find a report that provides this information either.


      Am I missing any steps or is there something I'm not understanding? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!