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    Weblogic user password change has affected not to get restarted of any of services(Admin/managed/opmn)


      Hi All,


      I have done weblogic password change by following below steps and caused any service not getting started.


      Make sure all the services are down

      1. change directory to <Middleware_Home>\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain\bin

      cd <Middleware_Home>\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain\bin

      1. Source the setDomainEnv.cmd(Windows) / setDomainEnv.sh (Linux) script so we can get all the WebLogic variables set correctly

      In windows: setDomainEnv.cmd

      In Linux: . setDomainEnv.sh

      1. Now change the directory to security directory in your instance.

      cd <Middleware_Home>\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain\security

      1. Move the DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift to a backup file

      In Windows:

      mv DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift DefaultAuthenticatorInit_old.ldift

      In Linux:

      mv DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift DefaultAuthenticatorInit_old.ldift

      1. Run the “java weblogic.security.utils.AdminAccount newuser newpassword .” to generate a newDefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift with a new user with the assigned password within the security directory

      eg: java weblogic.security.utils.AdminAccount weblogic weblogic123 .

      Note: replace newuser and newpassword with a user and password of your choosing. Ensure the password is a minimum of 8 characters and contains at least one numeric character. Also, don’t forget the period “.” at the end of the above command, it is required.

      1. Change directory to <Middleware_Home>\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain\servers\AdminServer\security

      cd <Middleware_Home>\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain\servers\AdminServer\security\

      1. Edit the boot.properties file and replace newpassword and newusername with the user and password you defined in step 6. Do this for all the servers in the domain.



      The boot.properties will get encrypted once the admin server starts up

      1. Rename or remove directory <Middleware_Home>\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain\servers\AdminServer\data\ldap as it will get recreated once the WebLogic Admin server starts.
      2. e.g:

      rename <Middleware_Home>\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain\servers\AdminServer\data\ldap <Middleware_Home>\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain\servers\AdminServer\data\ldap_OLD

      1. Change directory to <Middleware_Home>\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain\bin and start the Weblogic Admin Server

      In Windows: startWebLogic.cmd

      In Linux:  ./ startWebLogic.sh

      1. Once the weblogic server is up, you’ll be able to login to Console with the new weblogic Admin user and password.