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    Register event attendants (by using QR)

    Mike de Wildt



      I have looked in to many (older) topics concerning my question and I just don't seem to get the right answer. Many topics do have something in common but the complete answer is not present. Perhaps there is some solution for the following:


      1. Send email [create email] invite to attend event

      2. Invitee registers through form [create form] on landing page [create landing page]

      3. He then receives a confirmation (processing step I guess) [create confirmation mail] with a QR code in it (QR code cloud app does not allow QR in email). I don't want to use the solution where you fill out the form and receive a QR code on the thank you page. The reason for this is simple, I probably will sign up weeks in advance to the event and won't leave that page open all the time.

      4. The idea is that the QR code from within the confirmation email is scanned at the event (through an iPhone or whatsoever), at that moment the invitee is registered as an attendee.

      5. *optional* Once scanned the attendee receives a welcome message. [create email]

      6. This information should be posted to Eloqua, or even better to CRM On Demand. At least I want to see it Profiler as an external activity


      I have read into the following topics with scattered over the threads some of the information that I probably need but either it does not contain the right info, information is not applicable anymore or ... I just don't get it so I am kinda stuck.


      There is some time pressure on my side but maybe I just need to understand the logics of this concept. Or, just maybe, I should walk another way. Reason for this registration through QR is that I want to know (automated) who attended our event.


      Using QR codes for to confirm event attendance

      Register event attendants by scanning a QR-code

      Installing and Using the QR Code Cloud App

      Event Onsite Check In (this is not quite what I expected it to be)

      The specified item was not found.


      Hopefully some of you are willing to help.


      Kind regards,



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          Amanda W

          Hi Mike, we use QR codes in our event registration process, and we are able to generate these dynamically using Eloqua. We accomplish this using the "ESM".


          Our setup looks like this:


          1. User fills out webpage, and the Drupal form post into an Eloqua form. We pass in this form a "control value", a hidden field that is used to assign membership to a specific Event in our ESM using the form processing steps. For us, an "Event" is not a single event, but rather an "Event Type". E.g., Prospect Event. Within this "Event" we create a session, that uses a unique ID (in our case Campaign ID) to match on. This will let you add registrants to individual events.

          2. In the confirmation email that is delivered from the ESM, we use dynamic content to populate the QR code. (This is because we run multiple events thru the same object; you could just hard code this in the email.)

          3. To build the QR code, we use universal QR codes to have Eloqua dynamically populate it using the contact's email address using a field merge.  I've attached the HTML block for this. The important thing for you is to identify a unique variable you will have for each contact. You will see ours is using the <span class="eloquaemail">EmailAddress</span>. So you would replace this with your field merge variable.

          3. Most on-site scanner tools should recognize this QR code as it is universal. In our experience, we generally have to just map that data as a field between systems to whatever on-site tool we are using, passing whatever unique variable you're using in the QR code as its own field. We just do email because it's easy.


          This setup will get you automatically delivery of the QR code upon registration. An added benefit to using the ESM this way is that you can set hard "session" limits to cap registration and automatically place people on the waitlist.

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            Mike de Wildt

            I will try to put this into practice as soon as I get back to the office. I never used (although we have) the Event Module. I asume that you mean the Event Module with ESM (this is Event and Survey Management tool?)? I did not know there where survey possibilities withing Eloqua 10. According to documentation it is not a large asset of Eloqua right? http://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/marketingcs_gs/OMCAA/index.html#search-survey


            Thanks Amanda W for your great explanation. I will post my experience / use case!!



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              Amanda W

              Oh yeah, sorry for the acronyms. The Events and Survey Module.  We find it by Navigating to Orchestration > Tools, then click Events.  There are three unique identifiers that make this whole process work:

              1. Process Control - a variable passed from the form, and used in a processing step to determine WHICH Event in the Event Module to route to
              2. Campaign ID - a variable generated from the campaign that we also use as the "Session Name" to determine WHICH Session within the Event to route to
              3. Registrant - a unique ID that is made up of email-CampaignID to determine WHICH contact to map your data to


              To address your *optional* part. We also do event followup based on if they attended or not. We have a field on each data card for "Attended?".  After the event, we simply import a list of the registrants who we did scan on-site directly back into the data card (matching on unique ID of Registrant, and mapping this "Attended?" field as Yes.


              This gives you two options for how to send your post event follow-up. either:

              1. Use the CDO Record Services to trigger a "Send Email" based on the conditional value of the "Attended?" field
              2. Use a recurring feeder into your campaign canvas and include a decision setp to a filter that is looking for the "Linked Event Record" that is CID = your event, and attended = yes


              We love the event module for this kind of stuff.  Unfortunately getting the attendee data back to the system still involves a manual process, but we're one API build away from making this completely automated for our events and field marketing teams, so I might have some more info for you on this in the future.

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                Mike de Wildt

                So I am finaly getting my hands on this. I try to simplify some stuff. We decided not to use the event module, but just send out the campaign through the canvas mode. I assume this doesn't harm my effort in trying to use QR codes. For now I did a couple of steps


                • I just now created a dummy / test campaign


                1. an email invite with a link was send which leads the person to LP
                2. On the LP there is a form which asks for name and email. The form has processing step 'send submitter email'
                3. There are also a hidden field (field merge=email address) and a campaign id (...?) field in the form (not quit sure what to do with it)
                4. After submit the person receives an email of confirmation with the HTML (your attachment) which is his entree ticket
                5. After scanning this confirmation I still need to trigger something (I am not sure what and how) to register the scanned QR code, I asume.


                This works. I see the submitted data. And, when I scan the QR code, I see the e-mailaddress I had put in to the form. A probably still need to do something with the hidden fields and some trigger that shows the person attended the event.


                • You have mentioned the use of Drupal forms but I guess using a standard form in Eloqua will do the trick as well right?


                Hopefully you're able getting back to me on this one.


                Thanks a million,



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                  Hi Mike,


                  I've just gone through and set up this now for an upcoming conference, so here are a few pointers:


                  In order to activate a 'check in' you'll need the qr-code to point to a URL with a blind form submit to Eloqua. This way when the QR-code is scanned it will submit the form and activate your form processing steps (eg. redirect to confirmation page).


                  Thankfully you can insert a much simpler version of the qr-code than what Amanda sent through. All you need is the chart URL wrapped in an img tag.


                  So, to illustrate, here is the simple HTML for a QR Code:


                  HTML: <img src="https://chart.googleapis.com/chart?cht=qr&chs=200x200&choe=UTF-8&chl=BlindForm+Submit+URL+Content+Goes+Here">



                  Now you want to replace the content after "chl=" with your blind form submit URL. NOTE You will need to replace all ampersands ('&') in the URL with '%26' (minus the quote marks). So here is an example of what your blind form submit URL will be structured:

                  Before ampersands are converted: http://s[siteID].t.eloqua.com/e/f2.aspx?elqFormName=[FormName]&elqSiteID=[siteID]&emailAddress=<span%20class=eloquaemail>EmailAddress</span>&[TrackedField]=[StaticValue]

                  After ampersands are converted: http://s[siteID].t.eloqua.com/e/f2.aspx?elqFormName=[FormName]%26elqSiteID=[siteID]%26emailAddress=<span%20class=eloquaemail>EmailAddress</span>%26[TrackedField]=[StaticValue]


                  And altogether:


                  <img src="https://chart.googleapis.com/chart?cht=qr&chs=200x200&choe=UTF-8&chl=http://s[siteID].t.eloqua.com/e/f2.aspx?elqFormName=[FormName]%26elqSiteID=[siteID]%26emailAddress=<span%20class=eloquaemail>EmailAddress</span>%26[TrackedField]=[StaticValue]">


                  So here's one I prepared earlier that you can try as a test:


                  <img src="https://chart.googleapis.com/chart?cht=qr&chs=200x200&choe=UTF-8&chl=http://s628.t.eloqua.com/e/f2.aspx?elqFormName=PPM-APAC-TESTQR-CODE-Form%26elqSiteID=628%26emailAddress=test@sample.comame=PPM-APAC-TESTQR-CODE-Form%26elqSiteID=628%26emailAddress=test@sample.com" />

                  If you have any questions/problems just let me know. I've also expanded on this a bit to show the registered's email address on the confirmation page, and allow for the person scanning the code to mark what session they're being scanned for




                  Instructions for setting up blind form submit URL: What Does a Blind Form Submit Link Look Like?

                  Instructions & parameters for Google Chart QR-Codes can be found here: https://developers.google.com/chart/infographics/docs/qr_codes#overview

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                    Mike de Wildt

                    Wow what a great response. I just learned about blind form submit yesterday and got that working so definitely will do that.


                    I will work out your complete reply in an hour or so... very excited with it



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                      Mike de Wildt

                      Great, this seems to be the right solution for me... now, I see when someone wants to attent my event and when the contact QR code is scanned at the event he is registered as 'visited the event'.


                      Next step is to put it nice in CRM. At this moment I use picklists, but this company is having multiple events through out the year so thats not BP.

                      Thanks a ton paulinehill great help!

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                        Mike de Wildt

                        Hi paulinehill and others,


                        I was wondering what would be a wise thing to do. It could be so that someone tries to scan his or her QR code prior to the event. That would trigger my program to update the contact in CRM. Is it possible that I put a starting date on the QR code so that only on the day of the event people are updated in CRM?





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                          Mike de Wildt

                          Anyone an idea how to fix that last potential problem (adding a start date to the code)

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                            Hi Mike,


                            For my event I'm going to set up a 'check-in not yet open' landing page and then, on the night before the event, will reactivate the processing steps to mark them as attended and redirect to the proper landing page.


                            Note that I'm using a custom data object to track the attended status, rather than relying on simply the form submission data.


                            However this is a manual approach, and is dependent on me remembering to 'turn on' check in the night before the event. To make this more automated, you basically want to include a 'date' variable in the QR-Code, and compare this to the submission date. If they match = check-in success, else check-in fail.


                            I don't know if it's possible to reference the submitted date on the form data, but I'm wondering if you can make use of the append date function to update a 'submission date' field on the custom data object, then use that to see if they match. Only problem might rest in the order the processing steps are run. You would need the custom data object to be updated before the 'attended' status is marked & the 'checked-in' landing page redirect... And I have an awful feeling that I've tested something similar to this in the past and wasn't successful


                            Another approach is to have a form on your 'check-in' page that needs to be submitted in order for them to be marked as 'attended'. So on the day your staff would first scan the code, then click 'submit' on the landing page form. You could also add a password field on the form that the staff have to complete in order for the form submission to be successful.


                            Only bit of trickery that you'll need to do to make this work is for the landing page to parse the email address from the URL and pre-populate the email field with this data. I've got this happening on my form, so if you need me to send through the javascript just let me know.


                            Anyway, that's my ideas! Curious to see what other people come up with as solutions.




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                              Just had another idea ... If you go with the scenario where staff submit a form when checking in contacts to mark them as attended, you could have a hidden 'date' field on that form which is being pre-populated using javascript (JavaScript Dates). Then have the 'check-in successful' processing step in the form dependent on the dates matching.


                              That said, if you use the password option instead that would probably be just as easy and equally effective. (Only staff on the day know the password, so check-in can only occur on the day, by staff. And the password could be very simple, just a single letter or number. So long as the processing step knows to check for it and only proceed on a perfect match).

                              • 12. Re: Re: Register event attendants (by using QR)
                                Mike de Wildt

                                Hi pauline,


                                Great to see your experiences. Got some new inspiration now.


                                "Another approach is to have a form on your 'check-in' page that needs to be submitted in order for them to be marked as 'attended'. So on the day your staff would first scan the code, then click 'submit' on the landing page form. You could also add a password field on the form that the staff have to complete in order for the form submission to be successful."


                                This is indeed something that is now the case, in order to make registrations available only during that period (besides the password part).


                                Yeah I would also love to see some examples from other Topliners. Who might know what others have though of.


                                Thanks again for you contribution to the topic Pauline.


                                Best regards,



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                                  Mike de Wildt

                                  I just realized that if you want to use BFS on a landingpage (not in an email) and there is no eloqua tracking script activated on the companies website, than you are not able to do a BFS right?

                                  • 14. Re: Register event attendants (by using QR)
                                    Mike de Wildt

                                    Hi all, i would like to add first name, last name and company of the contact to the blind form submit. At this moment I only capture email and answer of the form.... how do I add these to the url?


                                    This is the URL so far:



                                    Kind regards!

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