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    Oracle Clinical


      I am B.pharm graduate having more than 4 years experience in Oracle.Can anyone please advise me how weel it will be for me to shift into Oracle Clinical software from current stage.Currently i am working for an SEI CMM level-5 company and in good position in the software development.

      And can one tell me is there any online documentation available on Oracle Clinicals.I am new to this forum i am sorry if i am asking something not ment.

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          Hi There,

          This year we are forming a BioInformatics Database Engineering team. If interested, please contact me at ericts@databasevisions.com.

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            Here you go ...

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              Hi Swati,
              Can you please send me your OC notes?
              I'm moving from Clintrial to OC and any information on OC tables/views/functions etc., would be a big help.
              In Clintrial I can write all checks as an external package and run them per study using Clintrial packages. Can this be done similarly in OC?
              How flexible is OC in terms of using external PL/SQL ?

              Thanks in advance
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                hi swathi the link what u have given was very use full thanks for that
                can you please give me some sugg reg OC i am basically M,pharma
                if i want to learn OC what first i have to learn because i never find
                institute for OC and please tell me if i will shift in this are is it will
                be worth ,and please sugg me the related ORACLE course which we can learn
                in Bangalore
                thanks in advance
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                  Hi there,
                  Why do you want to get into Oracle programming when you have such specialized education?You should be looking for CRA and other clinical related jobs with your educational background which is very impressive. Any pharma or CRO company will be interested in people with an M.Pharm some of the fields you should be looking at are - Clinical Management (Site management etc.,), CRA, Drug safety specialist, Clinical monitor etc.,
                  To answer your question - I don't think there are any 'institutes' that teach OC in India (other than Oracle - which I'm sure is way too expensive).

                  All the best.
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                    thank you for you advise,
                    can you please tell me or recommend me such kind of job if u know
                    i will be very happy i have posted my cv in naukari but no responce
                    waiting for your replay on my mail pykhan@rediffmail.com
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                      Hi Yaseen,
                      I'm not in India so cannot help you with India specific info.
                      Anyone in India might help. I'm sure ICON might need someone with your background (check with Swati). As part of my job I work with ICON (for lab data in US) and people at ICON who handle lab data have Pharm or Nursing background.
                      Siro pharm (in Mumbai), Clingene (Biocon) and quintiles (in B'lore) and Asian Clinical trials (in Hyd'bad). Kendle (in New Delhi) are some of the CROs that I'm aware of.
                      Siro pharm just landed (or on verge) an outsourcing contract from Merck. So check'em out.
                      All the best.
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                        thanks Raj t,
                        as here in india everyone need experince persons or u need to have
                        can you please tell me is there any possiblit in u r plase
                        if you can do this help i will be very thankfull for you
                        thanks again
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                          Sorry can't help you there.
                          Showing an aptitude to learn is a good start in lieu of experience.
                          Keep trying all the best.
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                            Dear Raj,

                            You dont need any packages in OC like CLINTRIAL. There are many Built In editors / areas where you can write the so called Typical PLSQL codes. But these are mostly used in Derivation Procedures. In Validation Procedures, its mostly the Custom Code (Pre - Details) we will be using.

                            OC is very flexible in terms of using PL/SQL. Because the answer is simple, OC is nothing but an application designed in Oracle and integrated into Oracle. OC's backend is Oracle 9i.

                            In OC, whenever you create and save a Question Group or DCM, its treated as an oracle table, i.e Behind the scenes oracle automatically creates a table with the name you give for the created QG or a DCM. Then, all the Questions you create are nothing but Columns inside that table.Dont worry, oracle which is behind does this for ya. The main difference (also advantage) between OC and oracle is, whatever database objects you create in Oracle, you should manually write the Queries. But in OC, the Wizard takes care of this work.

                            The meaning are same both in OC and Oracle, but only the Terminalogy differs.

                            Questions - Oracle Columns
                            Questions Groups - Oracle Tables
                            DCM - Oracle Master Tables
                            DCI - Oracle Tables again.

                            If i write this, i can keep writing for ever. To know more and for documentation, Mail me @ sendswathi@yahoo.co.in.

                            Swathi (Oracle Clinical DBA)
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                              All you need to know is some basic Oracle SQL commands and functions. Thats all. Also the work flow of the various departments in a CRO like CRA(s), CDC(s), OC DBA(s), SAS programmers and Bio statisticians.

                              Worthwise, its just fantastic. Its booming like anything here in India especially in B'lore and Mumbai. It has also picked up in chennai. OC guys and SAS guys ahve always the voice in this industry.

                              Happy going..
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                                Hei did you say CRA or CDC. My company has numerous openings for this position with excellent remuneration. My wife is also a Snr CRA in my company (thats how and y we got married recently (giggles). Dont think i am a oldie when i say i am married. We are only 25.

                                You can send your resume to her mail id which is : bruk_kalk@hotmail and also copy to me @ sendswathi@yahoo.co.in. In the Subject, type your name followed by "Swathi's Friend". This would help in easy recognition.

                                About My Company:

                                ICON Clinical Research, Chennai
                                World's 4th Largest CRO.
                                Has offices in 27 countries worldwide.

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                                  Thanks!! for clarifying the table structure.
                                  The way OC builds tables/columns is pretty much similar to Clintrial. And the use of PL/SQL to write derivations/validation procedures also sounds very similar. I prefer writing the derivations/validation procedures as an external package as it improves performance and is easy to debug/modify avoid downtime.
                                  I worked on a custom CDMS application for a major pharma that was built using OC architecture (using VB as the GUI) and the terminology was just about the same (except the DCM and DCIs etc.,)

                                  Thanks again!
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                                    I'll send you OC notes. Simillarly can you send me any Clintrial Documentations to my mail ID (sendswathi@yahoo.co.in)?
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