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    Displaying OBI EE Alerts in a third party App/Dashboard.

    Manoj Dixit



      Our BI application consists of two technologies: OBI EE and Microsoft Silverlight.


      The OBI EE Dashboards are called 'reports' and the Silverlight framework is a wrapper for these reports plus near-real time reporting UI. Collectively, it's called a dashboard.


      When the end users are viewing the near-real time performance (Silverlight reporting), they would like to get OBI EE Alerts displayed on the Silverlight UI.


      I have no idea whether or not it's possible. If it's possible, could you please let me know what's involved in it, provide an overview of how it's done and efforts needed to accomplish this?


      Any questions, please let me know.


      Thank you.






      Edit: There is Alert Section that displays Active Alerts. But, we would like to get and display the alerts in Silverlight UI so that the look and feel is same. This is what I understand as far as the requirement is concerned.